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If you want to add a deck to your home, you may wonder where to start. With so many deck-building services available, choosing the right one can be daunting.

However, following these five tips, you can make an informed decision and choose AMS Renovations for your deck-building needs.

Experience and Expertise

When choosing a deck-building service, look for a company with years of experience in the field. That will ensure they have the knowledge and skills to complete your project successfully. At AMS Renovations, our team of experts has years of experience in deck building. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure your deck is durable and long-lasting.

Local and Convenient

When searching for deck-building services, look for a company that is local and convenient for you. Smooth communication and accessible property facilitate the project for both you and the contractor. AMS Renovations, serving Greater Boston, makes realizing your dream deck easy and convenient.

Quality Materials

The quality of the materials used in your deck can significantly impact its durability and longevity. When choosing a deck-building service, look for a company that uses high-quality materials. At AMS Renovations, we only use the best materials in our deck-building projects, ensuring that your deck will stand the test of time.

Clear and Transparent Process

When choosing a deck building contractor, selecting a company with a clear and transparent process is essential. At AMS Renovations, we take pride in our approach, which involves meeting with you to understand your needs and budget, designing a custom deck to meet your requirements, obtaining necessary permits, and completing the construction within the agreed timeline and budget.


Choosing a deck building contractor with a warranty on their quality and materials is essential. A warranty gives you peace of mind knowing that any issues that arise after the completion of the project will be taken care of. At AMS Renovations, we offer a warranty on all our deck-building projects, ensuring you get the best possible value for your investment.

Choosing the right deck-building contractor can be challenging, but by following these five tips, you can confidently select AMS Renovations for your deck-building needs. We have years of experience, use only the highest quality materials, have a clear and transparent process, and offer a warranty on our artistry and materials.