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Additions, Structural & Trim Service

Structural, Additions & Trim Service

Homeownership is a lot like marriage. You can love your mate deeply but still be well aware of his or her flaws and quirks. Likewise, you can cherish your house but wish you could make its tiny kitchen grow, get rid of the crack in its foundation, or fix that door that has never fit quite right.

At AMS Renovations, we offer solutions for homeowners like you. We can expand your living space, convert a room to repurpose it, diagnose and repair structural issues, and provide trim, molding, and carpentry services. We’ll use our passion for outstanding workmanship to keep your committed relationship with your residence going strong. And we’ll do it at a price you can afford.


If you want to add a room or a whole wing to your house, we’d be happy to do it for you. But that’s not always necessary to gain the space you need. Here are some “less is more” options:

Finish your attic or basement to add square footage to use as a guest room, playroom, hobby room, or home theater.

Convert a room that no longer serves its original purpose into something that better suits the way you live now. If you’re an empty nester, it might be time to make over the kids’ rooms to get the gym and home office you’ve been wanting.

Create a bump-out to add a breakfast nook to your kitchen, a bay window to your living room, or a walk-in closet to a bedroom. This is an extension that projects from one side of the house via a cantilever support or traditional ground-level foundation. A small bump-out expands a room by just a few feet, while a large one can double its space.

If you need a whole new room, additions we make frequently include:

Structural Issues

Many houses provide plenty of space for their occupants, but they’ve developed structural issues due to the extreme Boston area weather. While this is particularly true of vintage homes, newer ones can have structural problems, too, some stemming from faulty installations at the start.

These are some of the many structural problems we’ve encountered in more than two decades of working on houses and commercial buildings in Greater Boston.

Interior structural concerns: Many houses, especially older ones, show damage to components like foundation walls, floor joists, rafters or windows, and door headers. We often replace support beams in houses that are sinking or experiencing wear and tear from harsh weather. If you want to free up space to create an open concept floor plan, we’ll use laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams to replace weight-bearing walls. We can fix joists that are making your floor squeak or level slanted flooring. We can also resolve problems like sticky windows, peeling paint, and the presence of environmental toxins like lead-based paint, asbestos, radon, and mold.

HVAC issues: Old or deficient heating and cooling systems may have obsolete components, broken or malfunctioning controls, exhaust and combustion issues, blocked chimneys, cracked heat exchangers, or dirt due to insufficient maintenance. Excess interior moisture and inadequate ventilation can result from overzealous sealing to save energy. When older homes get the extra insulation they need, the need to improve attic ventilation is sometimes overlooked. Bathroom fans that are not properly vented may need to be rerouted to the building’s exterior.

Plumbing Problems: A house may have old or mismatched piping materials, faulty fixtures and waste lines, or a hot water heater that is not properly strapped. Plumbing around toilets and beneath sinks may leak. In an older home, a galvanized water main can corrode pipes and decrease water pressure. An unnoticed leaking pipe can damage floors or walls. Other common plumbing defects include leaking gaskets and cast-iron waste pipes that have deteriorated.

Electrical problems: Improper or insufficient wiring can decrease the flow of electricity coming into the house. There can be inadequate overload protection and improper grounding of outlets. Outdated, malfunctioning wiring systems in older homes can cause power outages or electrical fires. Many houses lack GFCI outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen, and garage.

Exterior Issues: Windows and doors with unstable headers and sills plus inadequate caulking and weather stripping can make a house an uncomfortable, drafty place. Other common issues include missing fascia boards; lacking or poor deck flashing; mortar missing from brick or stone chimneys; warped, cracked, or rotting siding; and inadequate or missing handrails and balusters on porches.

Trim Work, Molding & Carpentry

Even if you don’t need any major structural work, you might want to let our talented team give your house a beauty treatment with accents like crown molding, wainscoting, and baseboards with base cap molding. Unlike pieces of furniture that come and go, these will permanently elevate the look of your home. 

We can get an out-of-square door frame squared away or cheer up a drab door or window with decorative custom casing. Are the cabinets and counters in your kitchen or bathroom crying out for rejuvenation? Our carpenters can come to the rescue. We’re happy to tackle your whole house finishing job, too.

Whatever you ask us to do for your home, rest assured that we’ll do all we can to make the process painless. We’ll walk you through every step and let you know how long it will take to complete your project. We’ll tell you what we’ll do to protect the rest of the house from dust and dirt while the work is going on. We’ll do everything we can to avoid intruding on your privacy or disrupting your usual household activities. We’ll check in daily to make sure everything’s going smoothly and address any concerns you may have. The high-quality materials we use come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years or more, and we provide a five-year guarantee on all our work.

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